RxWIZARD™ (*) is an internet communication system that allows Eye Care Professionals to send orders via the WEB from your office to the lab.

FUN! Easy to use "cascading windows" style of entry screen ensures accurate information is sent with each job, eliminating errors.

FAST! RxWIZARD™ is customized for each laboratory, so your access to precise availability of products and package-programs is immediate. You can transmit lens or frame tracings to speed the process, too. RxWIZARD™ prescriptions are the first in line when it comes to processing.

FULLY INTEGRATED! RxWIZARD™ allows you to enter an Rx and electronically transmit it, along with a frame or lens tracing, to the lab that is set up to receive your orders. You receive an up-to-date status report on in-process orders. The orders you transmit are archived, and you control how long they are kept. You can view and search both archived and in-process orders using the "Order Lookup" function.


The RxWIZARD™ Entry Screen allows you to enter a new Rx, or trace a frame or lens for that Rx. Even though there are a lot of fields on the screen, not all of them have to be used on any given Rx and you may find that some of the fields are never used. Your laboratory utilizes an identical screen, and the people there are trained and very capable of assisting you with your orders.

*: RxWIZARD™ is patent-pending technology available only through your optical manufacturing laboratory.


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